Musicdog 2.2.2

Muscidog is a media streaming application based on Adobe's AIR platform
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Muscidog is a media streaming application based on Adobe's AIR platform, working on Windows, Linux, OS X, and iPhone OS. The application is easy to use and install. If Adobe AIR is not installed already, it will automatically install it.
Once installed, it will require a free account on the Musicdog network. The registration can be made directly from the program.
The interface is intuitive, very similar to many others applications. On the left side, it displays the playlists and player options. The right side is divided into six tabs, each with specific functionality.
The Home tab contains user's playlists and songs. Each song can be shared on popular social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Digg or with another member of the Musicdog network. There is also an option to embed the song in a site, automatically generating the code for this.
The Top list displays the most popular songs on the network. Unfortunately, this option is pretty bugged. Often, when a song is selected, a message appears saying that the song is unavailable.
The Lyrics tab works like a browser, displaying the Home page from site. In order to access it, the application window must be maximized, because the page is not scalable on various sizes.
The Music Wall is similar to Facebook's Wall, allowing to post comments and to share music in the Musicdog Network.
The Radio tab offers several internet radio stations for free listening. They can be arranged by popularity, genre, or name.
The last tab, Downloads, allows users to download songs from internet.
A major downside of the application is that you cannot add tracks from the local computer or device, but only from web addresses.
Musicdog's main purpose of connecting various artists and fans might be a good idea, but the application definitely needs a lot of polishing, on both design and functional parts.

Cristian Ionescu
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  • An easy and innovative way to share music with friends and social networks


  • Unpolished interface
  • Top list songs option is bugged
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